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Tae Bo® Butt and KO Bundle Pack!



Product Description

Save big by purchasing two of the hottest Tae Bo® DVDs together! Get the fitness fan in your life a gift that will keep on giving!

Tae Bo® Butt


Regardless of the time of year, a nice butt is always in season! Let the world-renowned fitness legend, Billy Blanks® be your personal trainer as he works your butt into shape like never before! The recently released Tae Bo® Butt DVD is a one hour workout based off of the Tae Bo® Fitness Booty/ Lower-Body Specialty Course designed to enhance your regular Tae Bo® Fitness workout regimen.  Billy and the Tae Bo® Team will take you through each of the moves specifically created to kick your lower body into the best shape possible, leaving you looking and feeling bootylicious!

Tae Bo® Butt will incinerate unwanted lower-body fat as it builds lean muscle, leaving you with a booty fit to be part of the Tae Bo® Fitness Crew! You’ll feel your legs, butt, and thighs working harder than every before with each and every kick, knee raise, and squat as you bust a move toward the booty of your dreams! Beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike can finally feel the booty burn of the century in the comfort of home thanks to Tae Bo® Fitness Creator Billy Blanks® and the Tae Bo® Butt Workout DVD!

Approximately: 45 minutes

Tae Bo® KO


Do you ever wonder what it would be like to step into the ring for a fight? Well, the recently released cutting edge workout Tae Bo® KO will not only take you in the ring, but will do so with the man who was named Massachusetts Golden Gloves Champion in the Light-Heavy Weight Division in 1984! And in your corner, to coach you, motivate you, encourage you, and challenge you – the Legendary Fitness Guru and Champion himself, Billy Blanks®!

Tae Bo® KO is a high-powered, adrenaline pumping, new workout that will test your cardiovascular skills, heighten your physical strength, and accelerate your fitness ability to an unprecedented level. Tae Bo® KO is six, back to back rounds of intense Mixed Martial Arts techniques combined with the Tae Bo® Fitness moves that we all know and love! Tae Bo® KO will leave you mentally empowered, physically drained, and drenched in sweat! This workout is guaranteed to take you through the fire as you fight your way through round after round of mind-blowing exercises. If you are ready to Knock Out your regular workout routine with powerful punches, killer kicks, and exhilarating combinations, then it’s time to get into the ring with Tae Bo® KO.

Tae Bo® KO contains six power rounds of intense moves and non-stop action, allowing you to burn the maximum amount of calories possible.

Approximately: 45 minutes


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