DVD Bundle Pack

DVD Bundle Pack

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Get Tae Bo® Basic, Low Impact, Advanced, Extreme, Core, Kickboxing, and Kwon all in one! Work your way through the various levels of Tae Bo® and take your fitness to the next level.


This Tae Bo® Kickboxing exercise DVD will help you burn fat and build lean muscle as you boost your sense of empowerment. This 30 minutes of kickboxing workout ranges in intensity from beginners to advanced. No matter what level you are on, you’ll find this DVD both energizing and fun. Now’s the time to try Tae Bo® Kickboxing.

Do you feel you have what it takes to meet Tae Bo® Kwon standards? Tae Bo® Kwon is a self-defense discipline program which requires a higher level of focus and determination that will take your physical and mental health to a higher level. This explosive training will chisel your arms, back and shoulders like nothing else. If you feel skilled and apt for such a challenge, you just might find out what it takes to become a seven-time world champion in Martial Arts, like Grand Master Billy Blanks. “Dream like a Master, desire like a Master, discipline and sacrifice like a Master, and one day you will walk as a master. ”Tae Bo® Kwon is not just another exercise routine; it is a way of life.

Tae Bo® Advanced builds on the moves leaned in basic through increased intensity and skills. This 30 minute program features an endlessly motivating series of Tae Bo® Fitness combinations. It’s a super high energy fat burner! The cardio segment is filled with legendary Tae Bo® combos like fast feet, speed bag arms and quick steps.

This is a 30 minute very intense, extremely high impact video for the advanced and experience fitness enthusiast. Extreme is the most intense and effective short workout that Billy Blanks has created so far. Packed with proven techniques that optimize results by pushing your body to the max. In addition to the intensity you’ll get a variety of movements. Some segments are pure fat burning aerobics while others have a targeted body-sculpting element (done with Dumbbells) all exercises are done straight-forward and easy to follow.

This is a high powered, high energy 30 minute exhilarating workout that will sculpt your body, strengthen your core, burn fat and increase your overall fitness level. This short core workout will help you not only develop more power and energy while sculpting your body (especially the mid-section),this Core workout Includes short warm up and cool down with Alternates interval of core that are done standing and on the floor focused toning with fat burning aerobics. Your core is and always will be the center to your physical abilities.
Tae Bo® Fitness creator Grand Master Billy Blanks returns with a new and improved method of training for people of all ages. This workout is easy to learn, fun and effective. Whether you’ve been working out for years or just starting out this is the DVD for you! In this easy to follow video, Master Billy Blanks leads you through Tae Bo® Basic which teaches the basic moves of Tae Bo® Fitness and focuses on the correct form and techniques. You’ll feel the results from the very start to the end of this workout! Grand master Blanks provides encouragement and carefully instructs you through the movements you’ll need to successfully complete this workout and prepare you for the next level of fitness longevity.

This Low Impact DVD was specifically designed for aging adults, people with disabilities, people recovering from an injury or illness, people that want to slow down their workouts, or people who can not handle a high-impact workout. If any of these situations sound like you, then Tae Bo® Low Impact is the workout for you! No one is more qualified than Grand Master Billy Blanks to show you the way to achieve physical excellence beyond any challenge that you may think has set you back. No one should get left behind no matter what adversity life may bring. Everyone deserves an opportunity to equally share the gift of fitness. So get ready, get involved, and get results!

Let Billy Blanks take you through a series of warm-ups, cool-downs, and stretches that will optimize any workout that you do.