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Get the experience of a lifetime!

The Tae Bo® Fitness Ultimate Experience is four hours of dynamic, hands-on, inspiring Tae Bo® Fitness training. The Ultimate Experience gives participants an inside look and understanding of why Tae Bo® Fitness is and has been the best total-body workout for over 20 years strong!
The Ultimate Experience’s will give participants the opportunity to learn how Tae Bo® Fitness was created, and its mission to embracing the concept of using physical fitness to empower people and change their lives completely. Our goal has always been to drive home a sense of togetherness, while empowering people to change from the inside out.
Tae Bo® Ultimate Experience is for the fitness enthusiast that wants to take their training to the next level. Participants will experience 4 different Tae Bo® Fitness Courses during the four hour time frame. The included courses vary for each Ultimate Experience and are personally selected by the hosting Elite Instructor.
The best part of this program is that there are NO pre-requisites. The Tae Bo® Fitness Ultimate Experience is perfect for anyone who wants to improve his or her health and wellness with an experience of a lifetime!

Move Better  

        Feel Better

        Live Better