The Tae Bo® Membership Program is a powerful tool. All certified instructors are required to maintain a current monthly instructor membership (TBM) account to remain currently certified.  The Membership Program was designed to help instructors advance their personal skills, nurture their instructor abilities, and grow their Tae Bo® Fitness business. It is constantly being updated; regularly checking back for new information is strongly suggested. If you are certified instructor who needs to join the monthly membership program or if you have recently attended a Basic Certification Camp and need to register in order to complete the associated requirements, you can do so here: Register as Instructor


Thousands of people visit the Tae Bo® Fitness website every day. The majority of these individuals are searching for classes and certification camps. We also get a lot of inquiries from local gyms looking to hire Certified Tae Bo® Fitness Instructors. Because of this, we strongly encourage you to keep your instructor profile up to date and current.

The T.B.M. program allows website visitors to find general information about Tae Bo® Fitness, our programs, details about upcoming events, instructor trainings, wholesale and consignment information, certified  instructor profiles, and local class schedules. Some of our website visitors have been taking classes for years, and want to find a class in a city they are visiting, and others have never taken a Tae Bo® Fitness Class before, but are now ready to give it a try.

As a member of our T.B.M. Program you will find support, marketing materials, class promotion material, continuing education information, instructor training courses, specific details on our different courses, business opportunities, information on wholesale/consignment programs, the instructor forum and so much more.


The ability to post your class schedule online for thousands to see
This makes it easy for students looking for a Certified Tae Bo® Fitness Instructor or classes in your area to find you. Which will help you keep your classes full.
Post your information online
Facility owners looking to hire certified instructors will be able to contact you
Access to the members only forum
Meet other instructors, share tips, and get support
Wholesale and consignment opportunities
Purchase Tae Bo® Fitness clothing at a massive discount and re-sell it at your location
Priority scheduling for camps and conferences
This gives you the ability to book your camps before anyone else
Contest entries
Enter Tae Bo® Fitness Instructor Contests for chances to win prizes
CPR discounts
Get a 15% discount on your CPR certification from CPR Today when you sign up for the T.B.M.
Access to Working Advantage
Get discounts on hundreds of different products and services around the world!  Discounts  include, but not limited to: Car rentals, movie tickets, office supplies, restaurants, brand name stores like Target, Kohl’s, Levi’s, etc., travel, entertainment, and so much more.
Marketing Materials
Download post cards, flyers, posters, business cards and other marketing material that you can personalize with your own contact information!
Here are frequently asked questions about the Tae Bo® Membership Program.
T.B.M. stands for Tae Bo® Membership, a monthly instructor membership program designed to provide support for the career advancement of our Certified Tae Bo® Fitness Instructors by maitaining a current instructor status, offering instrctors a wide variety of resources and marketing material, providing amazing benefits and easy to reach rewards!
There is a recurring  monthly fee of $30.00 for the T.B.M. Program, which is conveniently billed on the same day each month.
Yes, in addition to maintianing your current instructor certifcate, a TBM membership will give you access toEXCLUSIVE MEMBER’S ONLY rewards, discounts, on-line specialty course instructor certifications, career support, and much, much more. Plus, maintaining a curernt TBM membership alleviates your needs to attend an annual certification camp and eliminates the large sum to register.


Working Advantage
CPR Today

• All members have exclusive access to the Working Advantage discount network, which allows you to save up to 60% on ticketed events, travel, and online shopping. Through Working Advantage you can save on:


Members are eligible for a 15% discount on CPR Certification from CPR Today.

• ACCESS TO THE INSTRUCTOR SIDE OF TAEBO.COM -The instructor side of our website is for members only, and is the portal to all of the benefits and rewards of joining the program.

• DISCOUNTS AND PROMOTIONAL OFFERS FROM OUTSIDE AFFILIATES –Tae Bo® Fitness has partnered with several outside vendors so that we may offer our members a variety of discounts, covering everything from movie tickets to theme parks!

• 10% OFF THE ONLINE TAE BO® FITNESS STORE – Everyone loves a discount! Members of the T.B.M. Program receive 10% off thier purchase on our website.

• ACE TRAINERS WILL RECEIVE CONTINUING EDUCATION UNITS – Receiving CEC’s for completing one of our Tae Bo® Fitness certification camps is one of the many perks of the membership program. Currently Tae Bo® Fitness grants CEC’s through ACE Fitness.

• POST YOUR CLASSES ON THE TAE BO® FITNESS WEBSITE – Tae Bo® Fitness wants to help our members keep their classes filled! Post your classes on the Tae Bo® Fitness Website for the world to see!

• EXCLUSIVE TAE BO® FITNESS MARKETING MATERIALS- Do you want to promote your classes in your community and online? T.B.M. Members gain access to our professionally designed marketing materials to help advance your careers as an instructor.

• ACCESS TO OUR EXCLUSIVE WHOLESALE PURCHASING PROGRAM – Do you own a gym or a fitness studio? Our members have the option to purchase Tae Bo® Fitness products and merchandise at wholesale prices!

• MEMBERS-ONLY ELECTRONIC NEWSLETTER – One of the perks of joining the program is the Member’s only newsletter which includes career content, job opportunities, advanced notification of conferences & camps, recipes, contests and Tae Bo® Fitness tips from Billy Blanks!

• ACCESS TO THE ONLINE MEMBERS-ONLY TAE BO® FITNESS FORUM- Are you interested in discussing new fitness trends and ideas with like-minded individuals? Our Members Only forum allows you to share ideas and tips with other T.B.M instructors. You can also search for jobs or find instructors using the Career Kick Start Board in the forum.

• MEMBERS-ONLY CONTESTS- Member’s will be invited to enter into a range of contests for a chance to win eye-popping prizes!