A career in Tae Bo® Fitness has many financial, mental, and physical benefits. Whether you want to generate income based solely on Tae Bo® Fitness, or you want additional income, it will help you gain financial stability. Fitness is a rapidly growing industry, and if you value staying in shape and eating right, then becoming a part of the fitness revolution is definitely something that you should consider.

FACT: The US Department of Labor conducted a massive study on fitness careers and they predicted that the demand for personal trainers is going to increase by 46% over the next 6 years. This will make a career in fitness one of the top 15 most desirable fields to work in. There are currently a lot of personal trainers and aerobics instructors out there. So, to really be ahead of the game, bring in large amounts of money, and be involved in something that everyone wants to be a part of, you need to specialize in something unique and proven, Tae Bo® Fitness. It has the foundation, structure, and community needed to help provide you with clients and steady work that will help you reach financially security. After you become a certified instructor, we will provide you with all of the tools you will need to make your business a success. Why not seriously consider competing in one of the fastest growing industries in the country, with the workout that started it all, TAE BO® FITNESS?


  • • Training under the best cardio fitness system ever created.
  • • Proven results and longevity, Tae Bo® has achieved proven results for decades, and keeps evolving throughout the years.
  • • You will have the ability to make your own hours.
  • • It is a proven, and established, internationally known workout that will keep people coming back for more.
  • • Tae Bo® can be added to an already existing career.
  • • You are not confined to one work place. Tae Bo® can be taught from your home, at a park, or at a client’s home.
  • • You have the ability to teach lucrative private sessions.
  • • You can be your own boss and do not have to rely on someone else to generate the income that you need.
  • • Eventually, you will be able to open your own gym.
  • • You will receive satisfaction from helping people reach their fitness goals.
  • • Unlimited career growth potential.
  • • Opportunity to make a significant income.


After completion of a Tae Bo® Fitness Certification you will have the ability to teach licensed Tae Bo® Fitness Classes, according to your awarded certificate. You will also receive several custom Tae Bo® Fitness products for instructor use. These include: Hand Wraps, Hand Gloves (Advanced ONLY), Official Lanyard, Personalized ID Badge, and of course your Tae Bo® Fitness Instructor Certificate. All certified instructors are required to join the Tae Bo® Membership Program within one week of attending a Basic Certification Camp. Maintaining a current TBM account not only ensures your instructor certificate remains current but also allows you to post your classes to the website, download free marketing materials for advertising, and so much more. WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE!

Are you looking to teach or take a Tae Bo® Class?

Once you have paid the registration fees for a Certification Camp you will receive a confirmation purchase receipt that contains a link to download the associated instructor manual. After successfully completing a certification camp, including the physical requirements of the entire training day, the on-line written test, submitting all requirements to the corporate office in accordance to each individual course, and registered (or maintain) a monthly instructor membership (TBM) account, you will receive a instructor kit correlating with the course completed. Please see available certification camps for an up to date list of included items.
  • Must be 18 years of age
  • If you are applying for an Advanced Certification, you must be a currently Certified Basic Instructor, meeting all instructor requirements, including maintaining a current TBM account. All Specialty Courses are on-line instructor certification courses offered to currently certified Tae Bo® Fitness Instructors. Please see each individual on-line specialty course for the specific prerequisites.
The Basic and Advanced Certification Courses are approximately eight (8) hours of physical, hands on, intense training in one day. Awarded Basic and/or Advanced Instructor Certificates are valid as long as the monthly instructor membership (TBM) account is properly maintained. All Specialty Course Certifications are on-line courses, done in the comfort of a currently certified instructors own home, over the course of thirty (30) days. All awarded on-line Specialty Course Instructor Certificates are valid for one year from the issue date and require annual re-certification.

Tae Bo Basic

This class teaches the basic moves of Tae Bo® Fitness and it focuses on the correct form and technique. All certified instructors must begin by becoming a Certified Tae Bo® Basic Instructor. Tae Bo® Basic has white wraps. – Available

Tae Bo Advanced

After being a Certified Tae Bo® Basic Instructor for a year, this is the next step. Tae Bo® Advanced builds on the moves learned in basic through increased intensity and skills. Tae Bo® Advanced has black wraps. – Available

Tae Bo Extreme

This is a very intense, extremely high-impact course for the advanced and experienced student ONLY! It is the most intense and effective Tae Bo® Fitness workout ever. Tae Bo® Extreme has aqua wraps. – Available

Tae Bo Kickboxing

This class builds on Tae Bo® Advanced with an emphasis on kickboxing moves. It consists of interaction with the instructor and other students, utilizing mitts and gloves. Tae Bo® Kickboxing has orange wraps. – Available

Tae Bo Booty

This is the ultimate lower-body workout designed to strengthen, tighten, tone, and shape the buttock, thighs, the upper, and the lower legs. Tae Bo® Booty has magenta wraps. – Available

Tae Bo Low Impact

This is a Tae Bo® Specialty Course specifically designed for aging adults, people with disabilities, people recovering from an injury or illness, people who just want to slow down their workout regimen, or people who can not handle a high-impact cardio workout. Tae Bo® Low Impact has blue wraps. – Available