billy blanks fitness guide

Welcome to your guide to weight loss with Tae Bo® Fitness! Follow the guides below to drop some serious weight, build muscle and tone that body!

There are a few key things to remember before beginning any exercise routine:
1. Make sure to consult your physician before you begin to make sure you are healthy enough for a fitness routine. Safety is number 1.
2. Consistency and Diet are the key to fitness success. You must stick to a routine or your results will be sub-par! No slacking, if you start something make sure to finish it. As far as Diet goes, if you are eating fast food and drinking soda; then you need to stop right now. It’s not worth your heath and you will have a hard time losing weight if you are eating unhealthy foods, you can’t out exercise a bad diet!

We won’t go into detail here, but you must increase your protein intake and when eating carbs try to eat complex carbohydrates to fuel your body. As long as you eat healthy and stick the the routines below, you will lose weight.

If you are just starting out or getting back into the swing of things, then this is for you! Below is a recommended workout schedule to help you on your path to weight-loss and feeling great.

What you will need:
1. Tae Bo Kickboxing & Kwon
2. Tae Bo Express
3. This free Tae Bo 8 minute punch out video on YouTube!

Your Schedule:
Monday: Tae Bo Express – The Express DVD is composed of several 10 minute exercises all packed into one DVD. The goal is to be able to complete 4 of them consecutively with as much intensity as you possibly can. If you can not complete 4 in a row, start with as many of the workouts as you can and add another workout each week as you progress. Feel free to cycle through the different workouts.

Tuesday: Rest – You don’t want to overwork your body, too much of anything is a bad thing. Make sure to eat healthy and remain active, try stretching for 15 minutes, but don’t over exert yourself.

Wednesday: Eight minute Tae Bo Punchout! – You can find this 8 minute, fast paced workout on the Tae Bo YouTube channel. We recommend doing this first thing in the morning for maximum calorie burn but it can be done at any time during the day. Make sure to put forth maximum effort, you want to break a sweat!

Thursday: Rest – Remember, you are just starting out. Don’t kill yourself trying to lose weight. There is no fancy pill, routine, or any magic way to instantly drop weight. It takes patience and dedication! Stick to it!

Friday: Tae Bo® Kickboxing and Kwon – The great thing about this workout is that it is 2 different 30 minute workouts on one DVD. Each Friday you will alternate workouts. So start with Kickboxing this week and next week do the Kwon. This will add some variation to your workout and keep your muscles confused helping to burn more calories!

Conclusion: Keep this up for 3-4 weeks and then move onto the Intermediate section!

It’s time to burn those calories and get in great shape! Follow the easy guide below to jump start your weight loss!

What you will need:
1. Tae Bo Classic
2. Tae Bo Butt
3. Tae Bo Insane Abs

Your Schedule:
Monday: Tae Bo Classic – Follow Billy Blanks through a classic Tae Bo routine that will burn calories and tone muscles quickly and effectively. Complete this DVD every Monday with maximum effort. Much like running, you want to improve your form and intensity every week.

Tuesday: Tae Bo Butt – It’s time for some lower body! Both men and women need a great lower body workout to help achieve their physique goals. The lower body is often over looked, but it is so important! Not only will you burn calories from this intense DVD, but you will also tone and build muscle. Get that booty, legs and core to where you want them! Complete this DVD once a week and after a few weeks you will see the amazing results!

Wednesday: Rest – Don’t over do it! It’s counter-productive to work out too much.

Thursday: Tae Bo Insane Abs – Not only does this DVD work your core, but it also works your entire body in a slightly different way than Tae Bo Classic. Work your way into 6 pack abs while toning your upper body and improving balance and coordination.

Friday: Rest – We recommend you rest today so that your body can have a break. However if there is a low intensity workout that you would like to do, now is the day to do it. Don’t forget to stretch!

Conclusion: Keep this up for 3-4 weeks and then move onto the Advanced section! Please remember that along with a consistent workout routine you need to eat clean! Cut out the fast food, cut out the sugars, and lower the carbs and fried food.

It’s time to get RIPPED! Follow the advanced routine below to shred your last remaining pounds!

What you will need:
1. Bootcamp S.O.S.
2. Tae Bo LIVE Bootcamp
3. Tae Bo Cardio Inferno
4. These free Tae Bo Ab Burner and Tae Bo® Booty workouts on YouTube!

Your Schedule:
Monday: Bootcamp S.O.S. – Sweat off the sizes with the Guru of fitness himself! S.O.S. is a full body workout that works the upper body, core, and lower body. Not only will you burn between 500-1,000 calories, but you will also build muscle. Please note that the amount of calories you burn is completely dependent on YOU! The more effort and intensity you put in, the more you will burn. Don’t slack off! Make that fat CRY!

Tuesday: Tae Bo LIVE Bootcamp – Tone your entire body in a quick and effective way with LIVE Bootcamp. This DVD comes with the legendary Billy Bands to increase intensity and add some serious resistance to your workout. Think of it as a full body weight lifting workout without the high impact on your joints. Get your pump on and burn some serious calories while building muscle.

Wednesday: Rest – Don’t over do it! It’s counter-productive to work out too much.

Thursday: Tae Bo Ab Burner & Booty YouTube Workouts – Start with the Ab workout and don’t let it fool you! 10 minutes of fast paced Ab work to get your core poppin’! As soon as you complete it, start the Booty workout. These two combined will give you a great mix of focused abs and lower body workouts.

Friday: Rest – We recommend you rest today so that your body can have a break.

Saturday: Cardio Inferno – Blast through Cardio Inferno Saturday to complete your advanced workout schedule!

Conclusion: After 4-5 weeks of this workout you can start substituting other DVDs into the mix. Just make sure to stick with it! Always remember, a proper diet is needed to achieve maximum results. NO fast food, NO soda, low carbs, less sugar, and increase your protein intake!

Are you trying to bulk up and gain some mass? Below is a regime that was built for you! It is a common misconception that you need extremely heavy weight training to gain size. Yes it helps, but it is not a complete necessity.

The most important part of bulking, as with any goal in fitness, is DIET. IF you are trying to gain mass and build muscle you must increase the amount of calories you eat. You will not gain muscle without consuming more food. That food must also be high density, healthy and nutritious. More food does not mean 6 McDoubles from McDonalds.  As a general rule of thumb, you need to consume 10 calories per pound of bodyweight to MAINTAIN your weight. So adding on 500 calories will start your weight gaining process, but it may take more. You will have to adjust as time goes on and your workouts intensify.

Below is a workout schedule designed to help you gain muscle mass. Always make sure to have a proper high protein post workout shake followed by a meal after each workout!

What you will need:

  1. Tae Bo Ko
  2. Tae Bo Live Boootcamp
  3. Tae Bo Extreme
  4. Tae Bo Butt

Here is the schedule for these workouts: Monday = KO, Tuesday = Butt, Wednesday = Rest, Thursday =Live Bootcamp and Friday is Extreme!

Always make sure to properly stretch before and after your workout. Keep this up for 3 months and measure your progress. Make sure to increase your intensity level with each time you do a workout.