BG Star Productions, Inc. is the sole authorized owner of all Tae Bo® Fitness and Billy Blanks® trademarks and is the sole entity allowed to authorize the certification of Tae Bo® Fitness Instructors worldwide. It is our top priority to achieve and ensure a uniform standard of quality for instructors and clients alike. Certified instructors commit to give Tae Bo® Fitness lessons and instruction only in fitness studios and clubs that are registered with the Tae Bo® Fitness Headquarters. In exchange, registered studios are granted a ‘Registered Studio License’ that allows use of the Tae Bo® Fitness Intellectual Property and/or Material we make available, for advertising and promoting the studio, potentially increasing clientele and the overall studio revenue.


Registered studios are permitted to act as an organizer for Tae Bo® Fitness with the assistance and unlimited support of the Tae Bo® Fitness Headquarters. The benefits of becoming a registered studio include, the ability to offer regular live Tae Bo® Fitness classes, host official event, instructor educations, and trainings. Plus, official events are advertised and posted on the official Tae Bo® Fitness website and all social media outlets, giving your studio additional advertising outlets.


Please Note: Tae Bo® 2.0 Specials and Tae Bo® 2.0 Ultimate Experiences are done with limited involvement Headquarters, giving the potential for additional revenue intake directly to the registered studio, for example:

Tae Bo® 2.0 Ultimate Experience

  • Only currently Certified Elite, Jr Master, and Master Instructor can teach
  • Following the approved Ultimate Experience, the studio will be billed an accommodation fee of 8€ per participant
  • Studios must follow the hosting request procedures and adhere to the Tae Bo® 2.0 Ultimate Experience Rules, which can be accessed by clicking here (Special Rules Here).
  • Maximum of 5 hours of Tae Bo Fitness Training
  • Client fee 49€-69€

Tae Bo® 2.0 Special

  • Every Certified Instructor can teach
  • Studios must follow the hosting request procedures and adhere to the Tae Bo® 2.0 Special Rules, which can be accessed by clicking here (Experience Rules Here).
  • Must pay a hosting fee of 70€ within three (3) business days of receiving approval
  • Maximum of 2 hours of Tae Bo® Fitness Training
  • Client 25€

Once the Tae Bo® Fitness Headquarters has approved a request for a special event, the registered studio advertises the event and collects all client participation fees, keeping the difference between the hosting fee or accommodation fee at the registered studio. Instructor educations and trainings are posted and advertised on our official website: and all transactions are completed through our website. The registered studio receives free advertising in connection with any approved instructor education or training, on our official website and social media outlets, providing a great opportunity to promote the studio.


Each registered studio is granted a personal, non-transferable, revocable, limited, non-exclusive, non-sub-licensable license, without warranty, to use the Tae Bo® Fitness Intellectual Property and/or Material we make available to you, solely in the form and manner provided to you, for the studio to communicate to the public their status as a registered studio. No other use is authorized. Studio registration is free of charge; simply complete the Studio Registration Form by clicking Here.

Please Note: An eligible, currently Certified Tae Bo® Fitness Instructor must teach any class, training, education, and/or event associated with the Tae Bo® Fitness Brand in accordance to the terms and conditions of their instructor certificate. Registered studios agree to the terms and conditions associated with the ‘Tae Bo® Fitness Registered Studio License’ that can be read in their entirety here.