Check out our friends over at Split Point Inc.


A brand new home for all things production, entertainment, music, and more is taking the New Year by storm! Split Point, Inc. Productions is proud to announce its first film Steak or Ramen, available to the public March 31st, 2017, on the Split Point, Inc. YouTube page. Founded in 2016 by Gayle Blanks and Ramon Vincent, Split Point, Inc. came … Read More

More Than Just a Workout


More Than Just a Workout You do the workouts, but have you learned the meaning behind Tae Bo® and what we stand for? TAE (ˈtaɪ), a Korean word meaning foot or leg, is based on the emphasis of lower body movements. BO (ˈbəʊ), short for bo(xing), which is for the upper body striking and defense. Together creating perfect synergy, and each letter … Read More

Fitness Recipes for your week!

healthy eating

One of the common reasons people get off track from their fitness goals is because they think they have to eat absolutely perfect. Only egg whites for breakfast, and the rest of the time is just bland chicken and broccoli. Well, we’re here to tell you that’s not the case! I think we can all agree that having pizza a … Read More

Spring Savings!

spring savings

Spring is in the air and so are the savings! With the weather heating up, it’s time to start working on those legs and booty! Tae Bo® Butt Workout will incinerate unwanted lower-body fat as it builds lean muscle, leaving you with a booty fit to be part of the Tae Bo® Fitness Crew! You’ll feel your legs, butt, and thighs … Read More

Affiliate Program Now Available!

affiliate program

The Tae Bo® Fitness Affiliate Program is back by popular demand! That’s right, you asked for it and we’ve made it better than ever. The process to register is quick and you’ll have your coupon code before you know it. Then you simply advertise your personal Affiliate Coupon Code on your website, social media pages, flyers and banners then watch … Read More

Huge Savings!


That’s right and there are HUGE savings to be had, like up to 50% off select merchandise! Where?  The Tae Bo® Fitness Shop, the one stop for all of your holiday gift buying needs!  What better way to show the people on your list how much they mean than to give them a gift that promotes a healthy lifestyle!  Shop early to beat … Read More

Ghostly Savings


Have you had a chance to reap the rewards of our latest promo code yet? Not to worry, the ghostly savings are still available – but just like Halloween – they’ll be over before you know it! That means you only have a few days left to get 15% off of your entire Tae Bo® Fitness on-line order, excludes certification … Read More

Summer Sizzling Sales!


Summertime. The sun is shining, the weather is hot, the birds are singing, and the sales are sizzling! Well, at least at Tae Bo® Fitness they are! And we want you to have the best summer ever, filled with fun adventures, personal milestones, and savings that will keep you smiling! So this summer we are giving you savings that are … Read More

Fitness Fanatics


Are you a diehard fitness fanatic? How about a workout enthusiast?  Have you ever thought about taking your love of fitness and dedication to a healthy lifestyle to the next level?  Then put your passion to work for you and join the number one fitness family in the world by becoming a Certified Tae Bo® Fitness Instructor today! Tae Bo® Fitness was … Read More

Merchandise Sale!

To celebrate the launch of our new website, we wanted to surprise you with a little something… 15% off ALL clothing at ! You read that right!! It’s time to welcome summer and make the most of this opportunity! 15% off ALL Tae Bo® Fitness tank tops and Shorts for those warm summer nights. 15% off ALL Tae Bo® … Read More