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It’s about to get a whole lot better

When you think of Tae Bo® Fitness, what comes to mind?  To the average person it is the original total body workout.  To the dedicated fitness enthusiast it is an amazing exercise program that has been proven to work.  To the certified instructor it is the number one fitness family in the world.

We understand that the astronomical growth and expansion of Tae Bo® Fitness over the years has left some of our faithful followers feeling displaced.  We want you to feel secure in knowing that Tae Bo® Fitness is dedicated to the success of all members of our fitness family.  The corporate office is constantly working to improve, not only the quality of our workouts, but also the camaraderie among our certified instructors, as well as the overall strength of the Brand.

Tae Bo® Fitness is in the process of upgrading our instructor certification program to do just that, bring our fitness family closer together!  We are still in the process of completing these program changes, which are due to be implemented this summer, following the 2015 Elite Conference, but rest assured they are for the better!

By ‘better ‘we mean that the corporate office is making it more beneficial to become a certified instructor, more cost effective to maintain current certification, more rewarding to continue advancing personal skills; and much easier to access regularly updated instructor resources that will enhance the Brands overall success.  More importantly though, we guarantee all of our certified instructors will once again feel like a member of the Tae Bo® Fitness Family.

In addition, the corporate office is in the process of redesigning our monthly instructor membership program (TBM) to provide easy access to updated instructor content that will enhance personal technique as well as instructor skills. Furthermore, we are redefining the requirements to maintain current instructor status and we are also preparing to film brand new content for Tae Bo® TV and YouTube. You are not going to want to miss out – the fitness family for the best, the original total-body workout – is about to get a whole lot better!


Don’t Miss This Opportunity

Hey, how’s it going? I know it has been awhile since we last touched base – but I want to make sure you realized todays date. That’s right, there are exactly 14 days left to submit your completed 2015 Elite Application! Trust me, I understand being nervous, but like I said last year when I was just two days into the Elite Conference – it is worth it!

Being part of the Elite Program is worth the sweat, the determination, and the commitment needed to get you there. I learned more participating in the Elite Conference last year then I ever imagined possible. Not only did I renew my confidence, perfect my own technique, advanced my personal instructor skills; but I learned how to use all that knowledge and education to enhance the success of my personal fitness business.

The last year has been AMAZING! I’ve touched more lives then I had originally anticipated, I assisted in welcoming several new instructors into our fitness family, advanced others to a higher instructor level, and most importantly – I found the fire within myself again! That’s right, spending three days packed full of intense, hands on-learning with Fitness Guru Billy Blanks and Master Instructor Shellie Blanks Cimarosti, reignited my own dedication, commitment, and belief! Honestly, I find it is nearly impossible to put into words what it actually means to get such in depth personal training from the family that started it all.

Like I told you last year while I was there, participating in the Elite Conference is an experience in itself and an instructor status you definitely want to reach! Regardless if you are a newbie to our fitness family or a long-time veteran, don’t miss this years open enrollment period – remember, looking long term starts by looking at the here and now! Make the most of your future and submit your completed 2015 Elite Application today, I will be there to encourage you through all three days of rigorous training! Plus, this year – all the Specialty Courses are FREE!

Let me tell you, being a member of the number one fitness family in the world just keeps getting better and better! For more information on the Elite Program, visit our official website at I hope to see you in Thousand Oaks, California this July for the 2015 Elite Conference!


The Early Bird Gets The…….WHAT?

Have you heard the saying, ‘the early bird gets the worm’? Well, at Tae Bo® Fitness, the early bird now gets something a whole lot better! That’s right, Tae Bo® Fitness has implemented an early bird program that rewards current and potential instructors who plan ahead! It’s simple and it’s available to everyone. Simply log onto, select the camp you want to attend during the early bird period and receive $50.00 off of your certification purchase! The early bird program works on Basic Certification Camps, Advanced Certification Camps, and Specialty Certification Camps! Early bird pricing is available on all posted camps up until two months prior to the camp date – planning ahead for your future has never been more rewarding!

With several different options available for assisting with obtaining, maintaining, and advancing your instructor status – being a certified instructor within the number one fitness program has never been easier or more cost efficient. Tae Bo® Fitness has discounts available on all camps from the time they are posted until the day of the camp! We offer Early Bird pricing on ALL certification camps purchased more than two months prior to the camp date. Once the Early Bird pricing is no longer available we have the Elite Instructor’s Promo Code that provides a 10% discount on Basic Certifications and Challenges and current T.B.M. members get 10% off of every Advanced or Specialty Course purchased through their membership. But wait there’s more! Certified Instructors also have the ability to purchase a certification extension to maintain their current certification until they are able to attend a certification camp. What is your future worth? There is no better time then now to invest in you and your Tae Bo® Fitness career!


Make 2015 the year for your fitness business

Hey, how’s it going? It is great that I ran into you because I’ve actually been meaning to give you a call. Have I told you that my New Years Resolution is to build my personal fitness business and to finally become a Certified Tae Bo® Fitness Instructor? Well, I know how much you love to teach group fitness classes at your gym, why don’t we get certified together?

First, I’ve recently learned that there are tons of fraudulent Tae Bo® Fitness Instructors practicing all over the world. So, the most important thing to remember when we are looking to get the authentic Billy Blanks Tae Bo® Fitness training is to make sure we are being trained by properly certified instructors. Actually, this is much easier then you might think. Tae Bo® Fitness has created an official instructor badge that all currently certified instructors are given upon successfully completing their certification. So, just make sure to ask any instructor you train with for their badge. If they don’t have one, it’s expired, it doesn’t include the course logo for the class they are teaching, or it appears to be fake; contact Tae Bo® Fitness directly and ask. Just log onto and send an inquiry or call the corporate office directly at (805) 777-7573. This gives students and potential instructors a way to verify they are getting the proper Tae Bo® Fitness training available.

Everything you need to know about becoming a certified instructor can be found on the Tae Bo® Fitness website:, and I do mean everything. Beginning with a list of pre-requisites to actually getting your certificate, a list of certified instructors, local classes, instructor rules and regulations and the most current and up to date schedule and locations for upcoming certification camps. It’s all in one spot to make it easy as well as to avoid confusion or getting inaccurate information. Plus, I have personally contacted the corporate office, by phone and by email, and I have always gotten a reply pretty quickly (usually within 48 hours) and the people who I am in contact with are so nice and helpful. They provide me with clear information, options if any are needed, and have also put me in contact with a certified instructor within my area; it is amazing to be able to get this kind of support and assistance before I even get certified. Just imagine the support they have available for their certified instructors.

It’s going to be so easy to stay on target and reach my resolution with support from the number one fitness program in the world. In fact, learning about the steps and resources that Tae Bo® Fitness has in place ensures that I have access to the quality education that was created by fitness guru, Billy Blanks himself, meaning the only thing standing in the way of my personal success – is me! So, what do you think? As soon as I get home I am going to log onto and register for the first basic certification camp in our area – are you ready to kick start your fitness business and do this with me?


Are You Getting The Training YOU Deserve?

Tae Bo® Fitness wants to make sure you are being trained by a qualified and currently Certified Tae Bo® Fitness Instructor. Tae Bo® Fitness requires all of our certified instructors to attend an annual certification camp in order to provide YOU with the quality and high standard that Tae Bo® Fitness is known for.

Currently Certified Instructors are required to wear an official Tae Bo® Fitness Instructor Badge that shows their current teaching level(s) and ability. Ask to see your instructor’s Tae Bo® Fitness Instructor Badge.

Please take note of the areas highlighted in red on the sample ‘Certified Tae Bo® Instructor Badge’ at the top of the page. If an instructor’s badge is expired, appears to be counterfeit, or they are teaching a class that is not listed on their badge, please contact the Tae Bo® Fitness Corporate Office at

Unfortunately, there are many individuals and even fitness companies, around the world that are teaching Tae Bo® Fitness without being properly certified and/or authorized.

Tae Bo® Fitness wants YOU to get the training YOU deserve! The most current, up to date, and proper techniques are ONLY guaranteed when a currently certified instructor is training YOU. You can help us ensure that YOU get the training YOU deserve by reporting illegal or expired instructors that you know of.



Fall is here!

Fall is officially upon us and we weren’t ready to let go of summer either… While some people love the gray, dreary weather, there are others who simply do not! This is for those of us who are not the biggest fans of “sweater weather”.

Tips for staying motivated through the fall:

1. Change the way you think about it! Every time your mind says “don’t get out from under the covers! It doesn’t even look like it’s day time out there anyways!” that is the moment you remind that little voice of how many times your favorite summer routine left you feeling nothing less than victorious. If you can see it as an added challenge to the best workout you have ever done, you will feel like a super hero after conquering the thing you hate the most- the gloom!

2. Dedicate yourself to a 30 day challenge! Most 30 day challenges are organized so that the participant can do the challenge anywhere at any time. For example, if you forget to do your 28 pushups in the morning, you can certainly squeeze those in at lunchtime or whenever you remember. By committing to a challenge, you are setting a goal every day and forcing yourself to get past the worst of the season. In the end of the day, the only person you’ll be letting down by not following through with your goal is yourself… And we know you don’t want to let yourself down, do you? That’s what we thought.

3. Get up, stand up! Science has proven that sitting at your desk for a solid 8-hours is basically the equivalent to physical torture on the back, hips, joints, and the human body in general. Standing rather than sitting is being referred to as the new anti-aging technique because of how many different ways it truly benefits the body. If you are working from home, put your laptop on the kitchen counter and work from there! If you get a phone call, stand up and take all phone calls standing! Find every excuse you possibly can to stand and guess how many more calories you’ll burn…. 50 EXTRA CALORIES PER HOUR! So, as Mr. Marley said best; get up! Stand up! Stand up for your right (to feel and look fantastic)!!

4. Put down the playlist! Stop listening to the music you downloaded, or the playlist you created based around the music you downloaded. Listen to something different for a change! With so many fantastic companies solely dedicated to providing you with not only the music you want to listen to, but also artists similar to your request, we highly suggest you change up the tunes! Let new music be the change you wish to see in your workout.

5. Pack it up! There are two steps to accomplishing your workout. Step 1. Getting all your workout gear together. Step 2. Actually working out. Why not make it a little easier on yourself? Pack up your gym bag and put you workout shoes by the front door every night. By making this 5 minute priority to put everything together, you are already telling yourself “I’m going to work out!” * BOOM * Half the battle is won!! We already know the worst person to disappoint is yourself; you don’t want to disappoint your running shoes too, now, right? Right.

6. Workout from home! Tae Bo® Fitness® has gone to great lengths to provided you with workouts you can literally do anywhere. Digital downloads make it so that you can purchase your video and watch it within a matter of minutes. With DVDs available for purchase, within a couple days you will have no excuse but to workout in your living room first thing in the morning.

Now that you have a few new tools to add to your toolbox, we want to know how you’re getting through the season! Post photos with @Official_TaeBo using the hashtag #TBNoExcuses
And remember, NO EXCUSES = NO REGRETS!


ACE & NASM Available!

Have you heard? Tae Bo® Fitness can now grant CEC’s through ACE Fitness AND NASM! That’s right, effective immediately all eligible participants in one of our approved Tae Bo® Fitness Certification Camps can now receive continuing education credits!

Tae Bo® Fitness has received approval from NASM; National Academy of Sports Medicine and has met the requirements to remain an ACE Fitness Continuing Education Provider. The approved courses include Tae Bo® Basic and Tae Bo® Advanced. For more information and details on how to get credit for attending a Tae Bo® Fitness Certification Camp visit our website at or email

Tae Bo® Advanced Manual Sneak Peak

Calling all fitness enthusiasts! Here is a brief look inside the recently released 2nd Edition Tae Bo® Advanced Instructor Manual! This is taken from the brand new chapter ‘Mental Motivation’ and if you are a group fitness instructor – you WILL benefit from this chapter and Billy’s world-renowned inspirational way of leading others!

In order to do any Tae Bo® Fitness Workout correctly and get the most out of it, you will need to exercise a part of your body not commonly used on the gym floor, your MIND! It doesn’t matter how strong or fit you are, the only thing that matters is your ability to concentrate on your technique.

Check this out! It is one of the moves in the 2nd Edition Tae Bo® Fitness Advanced workout manual! If you have not registered for an Advanced Certification Camp, now is the time!

TAE BO® JUMPING BACK KICK: (Side view shown) Start with feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent and fists in front of your stomach. Jump off both legs and kick backwards with the left leg. Be sure you keep your back straight, your movement stays controlled and that you land on slightly bent knees. Return to the start position and repeat executing a right back kick.




How do successful group fitness instructors, personal trainers, and business owners build and nurture a following that will stand the test of time? It starts with dedication, increases with commitment, progresses with continual education, and explodes when it becomes personal. Every relationship, whether between family, friends, co-workers, or a physician, requires a personal connection and the ability to relate to one another. It is no different for group fitness instructors. In order to be a successful certified instructor you have to build a relationship with each client that is based on mutual understanding and trust, also known as a ‘rapport’.

In the world of fitness, rapport is the connection between a trainer and a client, and it is a necessity if you are going to make that drop in student a client for years to come. It is up to the fitness instructor to put forth the effort and welcome a prospective client into a relationship that promotes open communication, develops trust, and fosters a commitment to regular fitness classes.

So, how do you build a relationship based on rapport? Vulnerability; open yourself up and let them see you are human. The key to a certified instructor’s success revolves around understanding your client’s goals and being properly educated to help them meet those goals. A rapport like this is built on open communication, positive experiences, compassion, encouragement, and understanding.

A successful instructor – client rapport isn’t reached overnight or by attending a handful of classes. As with any relationship, building a rapport with clients takes time and effort. Start by using your personality to make clients feel welcome and comfortable in class; share your personal triumphs so they can relate to you as someone who has been through the same struggles. As your clients feel more comfortable with you they will begin to open up and share their exercise likes, dislikes, fears, and goals, this is when you make that professional impression that will last a lifetime. Keeping your instructor qualifications current, putting effort into being a great instructor, and perfecting your own technique; is all that is needed to make this happen. Keep in mind that even after you’ve establishing a rapport, a good instructor constantly nurtures it by remaining trustworthy, being genuinely concerned about your clients needs, desires, and progressing goals.

Building a rapport with clients is much easier then it sounds, the secret is to make yourself vulnerable so your clients can relate to you.


Have you checked it out?

Hey, how’s it going? So, remember how last October we attended that Tae Bo® Fitness Certification Camp to become certified Basic Instructors? Do you realize that it has almost been a year since we did that? I know it has gone by fast. Having that certificate has really benefited me over the last year. I mean I was able to earn some extra money subbing some classes at my gym because I held the proper certifications. Plus, I held a few special classes of my own, ‘Tae Bo® Basic In The Park’, just to spice up my regular clienteles workout program. It was a blast; not only did all of my regulars attend – but a few of them brought friends. So, the second time I scheduled the special class, I offered a discount for the ‘friends’ and gave each regular a ½ personal training session if they brought 3 friends. It was a blast and I increased my regulars by 3! That one extra class alone was an amazing benefit and I have another one scheduled in a few weeks. You know me, I have to take advantage of this beautiful outdoor weather before it gets to cold to use the park, LOL.

Anyway, I know you are busy but I wanted to see if you had a chance to log onto the Tae Bo® Fitness website at and check out the schedule of available camps. Maybe we can attend the same one again! I am so excited that we get to move up to Advanced! Do you know what that really means? It means more moves, more action, more demand, and of course, more of an Advanced Fitness routine to keep our clients challenged. So, let me know as soon as possible. I need to remain a currently certified instructor so that I can keep my teaching seniority at my gym, plus I owe it to my students. After all, they pay good money for my classes and they deserve the best – which means I need to stay up to date and current so that I can guarantee them I know what I am doing and continue to teach the best of the best, which after all, is what Tae Bo® Fitness is!

I realize you have been busy with your family and that October was hard for you last year, but don’t let your certification slip; okay? I mean, that would be like throwing away the amount you paid to be certified as well as the hours of dedication, sweat, and hard work you put into passing your certification. Remember, Tae Bo® Fitness has an extension program that you are eligible for if you purchase it before your certificate expires. Think about it, you could purchase a one-month extension that would carry you until November and you wouldn’t lose your certification plus you could still teach your classes. Better yet, with the holidays and finances being hard on you with your family and holiday travel, you could purchase a 6-month extension now that would carry you until February and re-certify at that time. That is actually a win-win situation because you get to remain current, continue to teach your classes and can hold off your re-certification until February when there are less financial demands on your family. Let me know what you decide and maybe I will do that to. But check out the schedule of available camps at as soon as possible so we can make a decision before we expire and have to start at the bottom when we are already here.