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It’s Time To Jump-Start Your New Year’s Resolution!

Everyone knows that the number one New Year’s Resolution is ‘getting healthy’ and ‘fit’.  The number of people who join gyms, attend fitness retreats, or embark on a fitness career nearly triples between January 1st and January 15th.  If you are among the thousands of people around the world who fit into this category, why not jump-start your New Year’s Resolution by registering for an official Tae Bo® Fitness event?  Whether you currently lead an active lifestyle and simply want to challenge yourself or take that next step and become a certified instructor, or you have decided that 2016 is the year to unleash your inner warrior – if you ‘ve got the will – Tae Bo® Fitness is the way.

Tae Bo® Fitness is the original total body workout, created by legendary fitness guru Billy Blanks, over twenty years ago.  Tae Bo® is followed by dedicated fitness enthusiasts around the world and continues to revolutionize the fitness industry today.  The programs proven results span the globe as well as varying fitness levels. Don’t let your New Year’s Resolution fall victim to a fitness fad that will sizzle out before spring. It’s your future, go for the best and get Tae Bo® fit today!  Visit for a current schedule of certification camps, certification challenges, and ultimate experience.  Additional dates and locations are constantly added so keep checking back!  Let Tae Bo® Fitness help you jump-start your New Year’s Resolution today!


Are You Up For A Challenge?

Hey, how’s it going?  So, with my back to school blues here and the holiday season right around the corner I had an idea that I wanted to know if you were interested in doing with me.  I’m not sure if you know, but Tae Bo® Fitness has recently added a bunch of Basic Certification Camps and Challenges to their instructor-training schedule.  I was thinking it is the perfect time to give it a try, are you up to do it with me?  Think about it, we can register as challenge students, participate in eight hours of hands on training in the original total body workout and see what we think. As a challenge participant there is no further commitment, no continuing obligations, and no tests involved.  It will be just hard-core, sweaty fun and physical training. I don’t know about you – but I could definitely use a jump-start to kick my workouts up a notch with these back to school blues getting me down.  But, the best part about the certification challenge is that if we decide after attending the event that we want to become a certified instructor, we can upgrade our purchase to a full instructor training!  Can you believe it?  I think that is absolutely amazing, its like being able to test drive Tae Bo® Fitness in a sense.

Another great thing about the Tae Bo® Fitness Instructor Certification Program is that once we become a Basic Instructor, we will be eligible to take on-line specialty course instructor trainings for Tae Bo® Core and Tae Bo® Booty/ Lower-Body.  That’s right, on-line instructor trainings!  Amazing, right?  In the comfort of your own home you can increase your instructor qualifications to include workouts to help you get the body of your dreams.  And since all the girls in my dorm are constantly asking if their butt looks big, I know I could put training like this to great use. Plus with the holidays so close, you know everyone is going to be hitting the gyms in the new year.  After all, becoming fit is always the number one New Years Resolution.  Meaning we will be prepared and able to earn some extra cash from our friends and families resolutions while we are helping them to lead a healthy lifestyle.  It’s a win-win situation. Not to mention, being a certified instructor, we get to make our own schedules that will fit into our own busy lives and we can hold Tae Bo® Fitness Classes anywhere. Yes, even in the park, in the campus quad, in the rec center at the dorms, in my parents back yard when we go home; it will be like an additional way to earn a few bucks while we stay in shape.

What do you think?  We can start small, without all the commitment of becoming an instructor and register for the challenge and see what we think before we decide to take the full plunge.  Come on; are you up for this challenge with me?  Visit and check out the list of upcoming camps. There are several certification camps already scheduled, plus I called the corporate office yesterday and they told me they are working on adding even more in the near future.  But, why keep putting off something we’ve been talking about for so long?  It’s definitely time to do this and space is limited in all instructor trainings to make sure you get the personal attention needed to be successful, so hurry up and take a look.  I’m doing this with or without you, I just thought it would be better to join the number one fitness family, Tae Bo® Fitness, together!


It’s Here!

Have you heard? It’s here and better than imagined! That’s right, the updated Tae Bo® Fitness Instructor Certification Program is here. If you have not completed your registration to maintain your current instructor certification, I strongly suggest you do so before it’s to late. Honestly, the first time I logged into my profile after the TBM membership upgrades were available, I was blown away. I mean, there is so much information available and so many options to make the membership work for me and my personal goals. In fact, it is going to be an amazing asset for everything, my personal fitness goals, my instructor abilities, and also my own Tae Bo® Fitness business success. The best part is that it is constantly being updated, so I am guaranteed to find new information, helpful hints, and instructor tips on a regular basis.

Trust me, you’re not going to want to miss being a part of the upgraded program. I mean, the fact that there are no more annual certification camp requirements, pays for the recurring monthly fee itself. Think about it, you not only get out of having to pay for a certification camp in one large chunk every year, you also don’t have the expenses associated with the travel and accommodations of having to train for eight hours in one day when attending the certification camp. It is a win – win situation. Tae Bo® Fitness has always been the best fitness family, but these upgrades prove that their priority is the success of their certified instructors.

You’ve already paid for and attended the certification camp; don’t forfeit your instructor certificate by not complying with the new terms and conditions associated with the upgraded instructor certification program terms and conditions. Simply log onto the official website at:, click ‘Register As An Instructor’ in the upper, right hand corner of the home page, and then click ‘Register’. The system will walk you through the rest, including the recurring billing portion and your personal teaching schedule so that every person who visits our website will see where they can catch your class. Keep in mind that registering for your required TBM is different then the account you created for purchases in the past. Once registered, all of your purchases will go through your TBM, giving you additional discounts and incentives.

What are you waiting for? The deadline was August 1st! Don’t jeopardize your hard earned qualifications, register today and be part of the future of Tae Bo® Fitness! For more information or assistance in completing your monthly instructor membership (TBM) account registration, please contact the corporate office by email at or by dialing (805) 777-7573. Join our fitness revolution today and fight to get fit with the original total body workout, Tae Bo® Fitness.


I Owe It All

Hey, how’s it going?  So, I just got back from the 2015 Elite Conference and I have to tell you it was AWESOME!  Like the song goes, I had the time of my life, my Tae Bo® Fitness life! You definitely have to try and get there next year.  I mean, it was three full days of intense, hard physical training – but it was so worth it.

I’ll be honest, even though it was my second year attending the Elite Conference, I was nervous.  After all, spending three days learning, training, and working out with the creator of Tae Bo® Fitness, Grand Master Billy Blanks® and his daughter, Master Instructor Shellie Blanks Cimarosti is nerve racking all on its own, but adding some of the best Tae Bo® Fitness Instructors from around the world – yeah it can get to you.  Yet, once I got there the atmosphere was just the opposite. Everyone was encouraging each other, helping each other, teaching each other, and most of all supporting one another.  It totally brought back the united, team feeling that the Tae Bo® Fitness Family is known for, and I myself, am proud to be part of.

There was an Elite Dinner on Saturday night that everyone, including traveling companions, Billy and his family, Shellie, her husband, and the corporate office staff participated in. It was great to be able to spend time with the instructors and the people who put it all together, in a relaxed, comfortable setting.  It really added something special to the relationships we were able to build during the conference.

Oh yeah, the corporate office even had contests for the participating instructors.  A first time Elite Instructor from Spring Hill, Tennessee, Kathleen Fuller won ‘BEST FORM’.  A third year Elite Instructor from Franklin, Tennessee Sandy Bennett won ‘MOST ENTHUSIASTIC’, and a second year Elite Instructor from Enola, Pennsylvania won ‘MOST IMPROVED’, it was awesome!  In fact, I totally recommend taking a class with each of these deserving instructors if the opportunity arises, you will not be disappointed.

I know you couldn’t make it this year, but next year is just around the corner so start focusing now.  Trust me, being a part of the Elite Program is an honor you have to experience on your own.  The 2015 Elite Conference was definitely one of the best experiences of my life and I owe it all to the number one fitness family, Tae Bo® Fitness!  Congratulations to my fellow Elite’s!  I look forward to a positive year of growing the Brand and spreading the love of Tae Bo® Fitness around the world!


It’s That Time

Hey, how’s it going?  Can you believe it’s that time again?  The 3rd Annual Elite Conference is only four days away.  Its amazing how fast the last year has gone by, honestly, it was one of the most exciting years of my life as a Certified Tae Bo® Fitness Instructor.  I’m not sure if that is because it was the first year that I participated in the Elite Program or if it’s the excitement of the upcoming instructor certification program changes, but it definitely rocked!  This coming year is guaranteed to be even more explosive and I am grateful to be part of what lies ahead.

Over the last year my Elite Instructor status has given me more confidence, increased my personal skills as well as instructor abilities, and it has allowed me to host certification camps; where I earned additional income for sharing something that is part of my heart and soul, Tae Bo® Fitness.  One of the greatest rewards has been touching the lives of so many people, from faithful and dedicated clients to strangers who are ready to take that step toward a healthier lifestyle.  I am truly blessed to be able to share my education, training, knowledge; but most of all – my passion with everyone that I cross paths with.

Think about the growth of the Brand over the years, it is truly amazing. After all, Tae Bo® Fitness is the original total body workout, created by the Legendary Fitness Guru, Grand Master Billy Blanks. Over the past twenty plus years it has been followed by dedicated fitness enthusiasts around the world and to this day still continues to earn acclaim and recognition with proven results. The fitness program, physical trainings, health benefits, and exercise workouts have continued to evolve through the years making Tae Bo® Fitness the number one fitness family around the world.

And there are only four more days until I get to train with the best of the best at the 2015 Elite Conference!  It is going to be three days packed full of intense, hands on training with the Creator himself, Billy Blanks® and his daughter, Master Instructor Shellie Blanks Cimarosti!  I can’t wait to see you there.  If you are not among the list of invited Elite Instructors, don’t worry – there is always next year!  Keep your head up and your dedication on track because being a part of the Elite Program is an amazing accomplishment that you have to experience for yourself in order to truly appreciate it!  Take care and I’ll see you Thousand Oaks, California!


Be Aware… Prepare!

As a Tae Bo® Fitness Instructor, you know that preparation is the most important aspect to conducting a smooth class and delivering customer experience in whatever setting you are teaching at that day. When you’re prepping for your day, make sure you don’t forget these things so you’re ready for any situation!

  1. Change of clothes: Keep a spare set of shoes, socks and apparel in your gym bag or the trunk of your car just in case you forget something or get the opportunity to sub someone else’s class last minute.
  2. Music options: Tae Bo® Fitness relies heavily on music, setting the entire class around the tempo and the rhythm of the music, but what if your auxiliary cord went missing and your iPod battery died? Carry a back-up of CD’s, an extra auxiliary cord and your iPod charger in your bag at all times so that you are most prepared!
  3. Microphone Adaptations: What if you show up and the microphone is broken or the one the facility has keeps falling off your head? Find yourself a microphone that you can bring with you everywhere- your very own! Or carry a headband with you, something to help the microphone to stay in place.
  4. Glucose tablets or hard candy: The probability of teaching someone who has diabetes is high and may require glucose monitoring. Be prepared to help stabilize blood sugar. This can also be helpful for the person who forgot to eat lunch or is feeling light-headed. Help these clients out with a glucose tablet and water and let them rest. Don’t forget to always be aware of the facility’s risk-management procedures and be sure of where emergency equipment is located.
  5. Non-perishable snacks: Sometimes, hunger hits without warning. For those times, it is always good to have nuts or protein bars to help you fuel up between sessions. Please for daily nutrition and keep non-perishables in case of emergency!
  6. Notepad: Always keep track of the number of participants in each of your classes by keeping a notepad in your gym bag. By keeping this list at all times, you can easily go back to your notes to double check your income when you have to file taxes.
  7. Business Cards: We know you love getting contacted by new clients because it is another opportunity for you to help someone achieve their goals. By always having business cards ready to hand to your students at the end of class, you are giving your student the opportunity to contact you directly for their own training needs or pass your message along to friends and family!

It’s about to get a whole lot better

When you think of Tae Bo® Fitness, what comes to mind?  To the average person it is the original total body workout.  To the dedicated fitness enthusiast it is an amazing exercise program that has been proven to work.  To the certified instructor it is the number one fitness family in the world.

We understand that the astronomical growth and expansion of Tae Bo® Fitness over the years has left some of our faithful followers feeling displaced.  We want you to feel secure in knowing that Tae Bo® Fitness is dedicated to the success of all members of our fitness family.  The corporate office is constantly working to improve, not only the quality of our workouts, but also the camaraderie among our certified instructors, as well as the overall strength of the Brand.

Tae Bo® Fitness is in the process of upgrading our instructor certification program to do just that, bring our fitness family closer together!  We are still in the process of completing these program changes, which are due to be implemented this summer, following the 2015 Elite Conference, but rest assured they are for the better!

By ‘better ‘we mean that the corporate office is making it more beneficial to become a certified instructor, more cost effective to maintain current certification, more rewarding to continue advancing personal skills; and much easier to access regularly updated instructor resources that will enhance the Brands overall success.  More importantly though, we guarantee all of our certified instructors will once again feel like a member of the Tae Bo® Fitness Family.

In addition, the corporate office is in the process of redesigning our monthly instructor membership program (TBM) to provide easy access to updated instructor content that will enhance personal technique as well as instructor skills. Furthermore, we are redefining the requirements to maintain current instructor status and we are also preparing to film brand new content for Tae Bo® TV and YouTube. You are not going to want to miss out – the fitness family for the best, the original total-body workout – is about to get a whole lot better!


Don’t Miss This Opportunity

Hey, how’s it going? I know it has been awhile since we last touched base – but I want to make sure you realized todays date. That’s right, there are exactly 14 days left to submit your completed 2015 Elite Application! Trust me, I understand being nervous, but like I said last year when I was just two days into the Elite Conference – it is worth it!

Being part of the Elite Program is worth the sweat, the determination, and the commitment needed to get you there. I learned more participating in the Elite Conference last year then I ever imagined possible. Not only did I renew my confidence, perfect my own technique, advanced my personal instructor skills; but I learned how to use all that knowledge and education to enhance the success of my personal fitness business.

The last year has been AMAZING! I’ve touched more lives then I had originally anticipated, I assisted in welcoming several new instructors into our fitness family, advanced others to a higher instructor level, and most importantly – I found the fire within myself again! That’s right, spending three days packed full of intense, hands on-learning with Fitness Guru Billy Blanks and Master Instructor Shellie Blanks Cimarosti, reignited my own dedication, commitment, and belief! Honestly, I find it is nearly impossible to put into words what it actually means to get such in depth personal training from the family that started it all.

Like I told you last year while I was there, participating in the Elite Conference is an experience in itself and an instructor status you definitely want to reach! Regardless if you are a newbie to our fitness family or a long-time veteran, don’t miss this years open enrollment period – remember, looking long term starts by looking at the here and now! Make the most of your future and submit your completed 2015 Elite Application today, I will be there to encourage you through all three days of rigorous training! Plus, this year – all the Specialty Courses are FREE!

Let me tell you, being a member of the number one fitness family in the world just keeps getting better and better! For more information on the Elite Program, visit our official website at I hope to see you in Thousand Oaks, California this July for the 2015 Elite Conference!


The Early Bird Gets The…….WHAT?

Have you heard the saying, ‘the early bird gets the worm’? Well, at Tae Bo® Fitness, the early bird now gets something a whole lot better! That’s right, Tae Bo® Fitness has implemented an early bird program that rewards current and potential instructors who plan ahead! It’s simple and it’s available to everyone. Simply log onto, select the camp you want to attend during the early bird period and receive $50.00 off of your certification purchase! The early bird program works on Basic Certification Camps, Advanced Certification Camps, and Specialty Certification Camps! Early bird pricing is available on all posted camps up until two months prior to the camp date – planning ahead for your future has never been more rewarding!

With several different options available for assisting with obtaining, maintaining, and advancing your instructor status – being a certified instructor within the number one fitness program has never been easier or more cost efficient. Tae Bo® Fitness has discounts available on all camps from the time they are posted until the day of the camp! We offer Early Bird pricing on ALL certification camps purchased more than two months prior to the camp date. Once the Early Bird pricing is no longer available we have the Elite Instructor’s Promo Code that provides a 10% discount on Basic Certifications and Challenges and current T.B.M. members get 10% off of every Advanced or Specialty Course purchased through their membership. But wait there’s more! Certified Instructors also have the ability to purchase a certification extension to maintain their current certification until they are able to attend a certification camp. What is your future worth? There is no better time then now to invest in you and your Tae Bo® Fitness career!


Make 2015 the year for your fitness business

Hey, how’s it going? It is great that I ran into you because I’ve actually been meaning to give you a call. Have I told you that my New Years Resolution is to build my personal fitness business and to finally become a Certified Tae Bo® Fitness Instructor? Well, I know how much you love to teach group fitness classes at your gym, why don’t we get certified together?

First, I’ve recently learned that there are tons of fraudulent Tae Bo® Fitness Instructors practicing all over the world. So, the most important thing to remember when we are looking to get the authentic Billy Blanks Tae Bo® Fitness training is to make sure we are being trained by properly certified instructors. Actually, this is much easier then you might think. Tae Bo® Fitness has created an official instructor badge that all currently certified instructors are given upon successfully completing their certification. So, just make sure to ask any instructor you train with for their badge. If they don’t have one, it’s expired, it doesn’t include the course logo for the class they are teaching, or it appears to be fake; contact Tae Bo® Fitness directly and ask. Just log onto and send an inquiry or call the corporate office directly at (805) 777-7573. This gives students and potential instructors a way to verify they are getting the proper Tae Bo® Fitness training available.

Everything you need to know about becoming a certified instructor can be found on the Tae Bo® Fitness website:, and I do mean everything. Beginning with a list of pre-requisites to actually getting your certificate, a list of certified instructors, local classes, instructor rules and regulations and the most current and up to date schedule and locations for upcoming certification camps. It’s all in one spot to make it easy as well as to avoid confusion or getting inaccurate information. Plus, I have personally contacted the corporate office, by phone and by email, and I have always gotten a reply pretty quickly (usually within 48 hours) and the people who I am in contact with are so nice and helpful. They provide me with clear information, options if any are needed, and have also put me in contact with a certified instructor within my area; it is amazing to be able to get this kind of support and assistance before I even get certified. Just imagine the support they have available for their certified instructors.

It’s going to be so easy to stay on target and reach my resolution with support from the number one fitness program in the world. In fact, learning about the steps and resources that Tae Bo® Fitness has in place ensures that I have access to the quality education that was created by fitness guru, Billy Blanks himself, meaning the only thing standing in the way of my personal success – is me! So, what do you think? As soon as I get home I am going to log onto and register for the first basic certification camp in our area – are you ready to kick start your fitness business and do this with me?