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Are you considering a career change?  Have you thought about taking your love of fitness and dedication to a healthy lifestyle to the next level?  Have you decided to start teaching group exercise versus simply being a student in the six classes you take a week?  That is awesome!  Remember, the number one goal for a group fitness instructor is to HAVE FUN!  Face it, if you didn’t like the classes you attended – you wouldn’t go back! As an instructor you need to remember this and make enthusiasm a part of your regular approach to every group fitness class you teach.

If you are considering taking that step from the back of the class to behind the microphone, there are a few important things you should know in order to be successful.  For example, take time to really learn what you want to teach, so you can be the best!  There are different ways to become a good instructor, all of which take time and education.  However, the most important part of an instructor’s education – is PRACTICE!  Think of it as an investment in yourself, in your health, and ultimately – in your future!  Whether your new goal of becoming a group fitness instructor is going to be the only means to your income or if it is going to add-on to your already existent job responsibilities, your success depends on your knowledge, understanding and skill – all of which are mastered through dedicated practice.

One of the most unique aspects to group exercise classes is the combination of music and exercise, so when you’re working your skills – remember to bring your MOVES!  Remember, that music alone can pick us up when we are feeling down, calm us when we are stressed out, make our hearts flutter with thoughts of that special someone, bring back memories of a special time or place and of course – music makes you want to move!  So, it is important for group fitness instructors to have rhythm.  You have to be able to find the beat and stick to it while incorporating proper exercise moves in a safe and easy to understand way.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to have moves like the ones you see on Dancing With The Stars, but you do have to be able to keep a beat.

Before you make your decision to become a group fitness instructor, remember that it can be unnerving to not only be in front of a class full of people, but to also be responsible for ensuring you teach a safe and effective workout class.  It takes a lot of confidence to get in front of a room full of people and purposefully bring everyone’s attention to you.  A positive attitude, a smile, and knowledge are important because your students will come to you with questions and how you handle yourself and how you speak to others can build your own confidence as well as the comfort level that your students have in your instructor abilities.  Open communication, listening, and being able to clearly instruct proper exercise techniques are all part of the job.

The last element that is essential in being a successful group fitness instructor is making sure that you have a support system to back you.  For instance, choose a fitness program that has a large network of instructors willing to offer advice, a structure that helps with your personal instructor growth, and most importantly – a workout program that is known around the world!  If you’re ready to grab that mic and start your career, join the Tae Bo® Fitness Family and become a group fitness instructor for the number one workout regimen around! For more information on becoming a Tae Bo® Fitness Instructor visit www.taebo.com today!


New Line Of Tae Bo® Workout Wear!

The importance of investing into dependable workout wear not only will determine your comfort level during and after workouts, but can also be the defining factor to not quit a workout prematurely. Sweating is supposed to be a good thing, but it’s hard to feel that way when attempting to exercise in the wrong apparel whether it is fitted or baggy. Inappropriate workout wear can cause one to feel weighed down and drenched in their sweat. For those who are more adventurous and prefer to exercise outdoors, you are definitely in need of the proper performance fabrics to prevent you from illness being that sweat and wind can be a dangerous combination.

There is no need to worry; Tae Bo® has just dropped a new line of performance gear to accommodate you. We have compiled the most versatile fabrics to carry you through the seasons whether you are an indoor or outdoor exerciser. These pieces were designed to fit your figure perfectly, while simultaneously wicking sweat away from your body during your most vigorous workouts leaving your body dry and safe from outside elements. Not to mention, they have a very stylish look too! The right outfit can make you feel like a million bucks even before your workout has begun. So, hit the gym with Tae Bo® gear and turn heads. Need I say more? The wait is over!! Click here get yours now! 


Tae Bo® Ultimate Experience!

Are you looking for a way to get more out of your fitness regimen? Have you grown tired of your everyday workout routine? Well, Tae Bo® Fitness has a new program that will not only spice up your workouts but will also provide you with an experience of a lifetime, the Tae Bo® Ultimate Experience. What better way to rejuvenate your commitment to a healthy lifestyle then with the original total-body workout?

A Tae Bo® Ultimate Experience is four hours of dynamic hands-on inspiring Tae Bo® Fitness training that will give you an inside look and understanding at why Tae Bo® is and has been the best full body workout for over 20 years strong!

A Tae Bo® Ultimate Experience will give you the opportunity to learn how Tae Bo® Fitness was created, it’s mission to embracing the concept of using physical fitness to empower people to change. Tae Bo® Fitness has always been dedicated to helping people change for the positive, beginning on the inside. Now, for the first time ever, you can experience 4 different Tae Bo® Courses: Basic, Advanced, Core and Extreme, all at one time, without having to commit to becoming a certified instructor! Consider this a chance to discover what being a part of the number fitness family around the world is like while you discover the fire you hold inside! The best part of this new program is that there are NO pre-requisites!

• You do NOT have to be a current Instructor.
• You do NOT have to be CPR certified.
• You do NOT have to take an on-line test.

This is an amazing opportunity for fitness enthusiasts of all levels, ages and stages of life to get the fitness experience of a lifetime! Whether this is your first experience with Tae Bo® Fitness or if you’re unsure if progressing as an instructor is for you; the Tae Bo® Ultimate Experience will provide you with a taste of what you will have access when you commit to leading a Tae Bo® Lifestyle!

A Tae Bo® Ultimate Experience is four hours of hands on FUN! You will leave your ultimate experience with a new found love for fitness and a new respect for the original total body workout! The Tae Bo® Ultimate Experience takes the idea of a traditional fitness class to the next step! This is much more than just group exercise done to the beat of popular music following the prescribed guidelines for safety and effectiveness; this is the ultimate experience! This is definitely something you are going to want to be part of! Visit www.taebo.com to find a Tae Bo® Ultimate Experience near you!


Common Sense

What is something that everyone has but not everyone seems to use?  You guessed it, common sense!  We have all witnessed or been involved with a situation that left us shaking our head and wondering, ‘what on earth are they thinking?

Common sense is defined as the ability to think and behave in a reasonable way and to make good decisions.  Wouldn’t that actually require personal experience or at the bare minimum education in a specific subject or topic?  Realistically you can’t expect a teenager, who just got their license to know how to pump gas if they have never been taught, could you? On the other hand, isn’t it human nature to find short cuts in everything we do?

After all, if you do something on a regular basis it becomes second nature, to the point that it hardly takes any thought.  Isn’t this where common sense should really be expected to come into play?  Think about it, you’ve been a group fitness instructor for over 10 years; you have a following of regular students that are dedicated to your outstanding teaching style!  You can walk into your regular workout class and your students can basically teach themselves, right?  WRONG!  The problem with this type of thinking is that often times we think and see what we want to be happening when in reality, it is not.  This is why Tae Bo® Fitness recommends all of their Certified Instructors regularly review the proper techniques, common mistakes, and helpful hints found in the instructor manuals of each individualized workout!

Every fitness enthusiast, whether a veteran of daily workouts or just beginning an active lifestyle, run the risk of injury, regardless of age, fitness ability, what time of day you workout, or what you do for a living.  It is good practice for exercise enthusiasts of any level to review ten ‘common-sense’ safety tips that often end up over looked by students and instructors.

  1. The most critical part of any work out is the warm-up!  You have to get your body ready to exercise by raising your body temperature in order to ensure that you can safely handle the stress of the physical exercise ahead.
  2. Do NOT exercise if you’re ill or extremely fatigued.  Physical activity can escalate illness as well as increase your risk of injury.
  3. Make sure your workout area is clean and free of clutter.  Don’t allow the area to become an obstacle course or a stuffy environment that is hard to breathe in.
  4. Follow instructions!  It is important to know how to perform the exercises that are part of your fitness routine.  If you are just beginning, make sure you can hear, see, and understand your instructor.  Likewise, if you are an instructor, make sure your students can hear, see, and understand you to avoid potential injury!
  5. Make a fitness game plan!  Establish realistic goals that are accurately based off of your current fitness level. Remember that your personal fitness plan is a dynamic entity, and there is power in the plan itself!  So, put it in writing and revisit it periodically to make sure that you stay on target.
  6. Proceed sensibly and never try to do too much to soon.  It is important to progress at a sensible pace in order to avoid injury and to gain the best results.
  7. Always include your lungs in every workout! Never hold your breath while exercising!
  8. Don’t ignore what your body is trying to tell you!  Having a ‘warrior’ mindset will not protect you if your mental drive exceeds your body’s physical ability.
  9. Control your movements!  Rushing through moves, dropping shoulders, partially raised kicks; they are all results of uncontrolled and rushed moves. Make sure each movement is controlled and performed by using the proper techniques.
  10. Know what to do if you need help!  Be familiar with your surroundings and when ever possible, work out with a partner or a fitness trainer!

Remember, the above tips are only a few common-sense safety tips that are some times over-looked by regular fitness enthusiasts.  The most important thing to keep in mind during any workout is to utilize your own common sense!  That could mean that you need to gain a little more education about the fundamentals of fitness programs in general.


Mental Motivation

Can you believe that another year is underway? Even with the holidays to remind us that it was fast approaching it still managed to sneak up on the majority of our society, myself included. I do have my own opinion as to why this tends to happen though, I think that the holidays are so laid back and focused around spending time with family members that we get relaxed ourselves and lose our own motivation. Doesn’t that make sense? I mean I wasn’t the only one who spent the holidays with unmotivated people with lazy tendencies, was I? What about you, were you able to amp up your adrenaline and commitment to your New Years Resolution in time to kick it off on January 1, 2014 fully motivated?

Whether you’re a star athlete, a beginning fitness student, struggling to lose weight, fighting constant fatigue, or even if you just have a tendency to procrastinate at the gym; motivation is a requirement for success. And I’m not talking about just the innate desire that pushes you to be better than someone else or that burning need to prove something from a challenge; but a driving force that personally moves you. What kind of motivation would you need in order to do something consecutively for 21 days so it can become a habit?

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”
Author, Unknown

Remember, a good workout is hard and challenging but also impossible to fail. After all, exercising is meant to make you feel good, powerful, inspired, and beautiful; which all begins on the inside. It will awaken the unknown warrior you hold inside, giving you new found strength to conquer everyday challenges. A good workout will work you from within by giving you more energy, strength, power, focus, and more reason to feel good about yourself. Plus, you will get the added bonus of a healthy, great looking outside as well!

“The body only profits a little from exercise, but the mind profits a lot”.
Billy Blanks

It’s not to late! It is less than one week into the New Year, you can still commit to your New Years resolution and no one will even have to know that you gave yourself an extra week to slack off for the holidays. If you are looking for something that will motivate you to go after your resolution of a healthier lifestyle, look no further! Tae Bo® Fitness will help you unleash your inner warrior and become a person who makes things happen, not a person things happen to. Remember, it all begins with attitude; the difference between success and failure is a positive one.

Gift Ideas

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